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Beverley Hitchins

  This is  a C.D. about a girl, a few bad situations/ a few good situations and how she copes with it all...... 
Three kids, Chronic Disease, and a 
Unique ZEST for life..........

I have been a Laborer +++, a Waitress, a Bank Teller, and then  in a Celtic Band for a while.  Now I'm a Mom of 3 Writing  and playing my 12 string Takamine and doin' my own "thing".

The KEY was inspired by the first song titled  "The Key"
(to SUCCESS COPING WITH A DISEASE or life in general)

    I have been coping with Lupus for over 30 years now.   I was told I wouldn't live long or have children.  Boy x 3,  were they wrong!!!
So, in this C.D. I have written songs about LIFE and LIVING and  anything else that comes to mind.
 It is very versatile.
  Many players volunteered. Here's a peek....

My CD recorded in 1998 THE KEY

My Sons Meeting Keshia Chante
at the Ottawa Ex on Liam's Birthday

Meeting Keshia Chante


"The KEY"
This was a 1998 recording with many people who volunteered  their time and effort to make this possible (A million THANKS to ALL). We had no budget and alot of hope. I was only able to do ONE track of everything so when I say BASIC- I mean it. I really wanted to have something for my sons to remember me by, but since could write a book on (What NOT to do when recording) lol I hope you ALL ENJOY what I have here and hopefully someday soon I will have another CD recorded as I have many songs I have written since this CD.

1. The Key 3:24 - This is about having LUPUS (or any  Chronic DISEASE) and how I cope. The Key to success is -Don't EXCESS!

2. Hitchins Kitchen    2:51 - Is a Blues in G about the Jams in  my kitchen. There's a Dobro in this one, Sax  etc....

3.  Miracles To Me     3:06 - Is a heavy rock guitar (Bob  Lavigne - Ottawa) song about my three boys.

4. I Choose  You     3:38 - Is a song I wrote in the Studio  while I was waiting to be recorded. There's some great Electric  Blues Sounding guitar  here (Sean Brisson - Perth)

5. Stand Me Up Blues  3:20 - Is the first song I ever wrote and put music to.  It's a  slow blues in E with an awesome Sax  player (Rick Flanagan- Kingston) Base player (John Ryder - Smiths Falls) flew in for one night to do this.

 *NEW *MP3*

6. It's Alright   3:10 - This is me trying to see thru the eyes of a single parent child.  It's not easy, But IT'S ALRIGHT, my son told me one night.

7. Stars In The Sky      4:06  This song has a great electric lead in it by: Pat Hood (Circuit) . My Grampa Hitchins died in the middle of writing this C.D.. This song is about how I deal with it. 

8. Tweed/97  2:08  I went to Trudeau Park in Tweed in 1997 year for the May 24 weekend (like a mini Woodstock). The song is about everyone who played and what I experienced.This is the ONLY song on the CD that has me Playing my 12 string Takamine. Unfortunately the beginning of the song was cut off by the guy I had recording it at the time..(What not to do when recording...) The Trudeau's invited me to perform it in May/98.  Wide Mouth Mason was there again (Check out the song, they're in it - I met them :) - I also wrote Tweed/98 when I got home (Soon to come :)

9. State of Emergency/ Ice Storm 98 (BEGINNING OF SONG AND PICS)*NEW* WAVE SAMPLE 3:13 - This is a powerful song on Keyboard - Mike Wood - (Circuit) ).  Mike and I got together, he played , I sang it and it was recorded spontaneously -  Now were learning it.  It was one of those songs that just happened, much like the storm it depicts.  This is a song full of respect for life. 
State of Emergency/Ice Storm/98 (END OF SONG AND PICS)
It's also a big THANK YOU to ALL...(like I) who tasted Discomfort, and gained in Knowledge. 

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